While waiting for the underground in London, I noticed a man shouting anti-Semitic slogans while waving a pro-Palestinian poster. I vividly remember the moment because I thought to myself: good thing this man can’t easily recognize that I’m Jewish.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is incredibly complex and layered. It goes back thousands of years and involves Jews and Arabs attempting to co-exist in an Oasis in the desert. In the last decade, I’ve taken multiple courses on the Middle East, attended seminars (both Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israeli). I’ve spoken to peace advocates and military personal on both sides…

Have you ever wondered how voice-activated virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa interact with people who have atypical speech? I have a deeply personal experience with this.

On February 24th, Katie Deighton at the Wall Street Journal released a fantastic article that describes a movement for virtual assistants to adapt their algorithms to recognize people with atypical speech. Like me.

Since early childhood, I’ve had a stutter. My speech fluctuates seemly daily. Sometimes I can place an order at a restaurant without batting an eye. Other times it might take me a few seconds to…

I first learned Excel seven years ago in a Business School class at Tulane University. Professors taught me the spreadsheet software was the industry standard. Upon entry into my first job after graduation, I learned that you must conquer Excel and Google Sheets to succeed in Digital Marketing. HR understood this, and many jobs I applied to required me to complete spreadsheet challenges consisting of Pivot Tables and Vlookups. My professors were right; it’s essential to learn your way around a spreadsheet. However, there’s a catch.

The issue with Excel and Google Sheets is they cannot handle, nor are they…

The Cabinet of the United States should invoke the 25th Amendment removing both Donald Trump and Michael Pence from office. Nancy Pelosi would be the acting President until noon on Wednesday, January 20th when Joe Biden is inaugurated.

Unless this happens immediately, the President, the Vice President, his cabinet, and his supporters storming the Capitol Building are complicit in treason and sedition punishable by jail (and more) according to 18 U.S. Code § 2381.

Yes. I said, supporters. It’s no longer remotely acceptable to support Trump either in person or online. If you disagree with me and you choose to…

On Sunday, December 1, 2019: the TSA screened 2.9 million people in airports around the US. People were ID’d, accounted for, and cataloged through a rigorous security process. Getting through Airport security should take 15–30 minutes.

Guess what also takes 15–30 minutes? Getting a Covid-19 Vaccine.

The reality that the US is moving at a snail’s pace rolling out vaccines is frightening and embarrassing. As a country, we’re doing a horrible job at prioritizing the vaccination of people to save lives during what might be the darkest winter of our lifetimes.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve read countless stories…

Over the past three and a half years, I’ve worked in New York City for various Global Digital Marketing Agencies. I’ve gained exposure to a wide range of prominent Fortune 500 clients and small start-ups with significant VC funding. Arguably most importantly, I’ve met and connected with fantastic people along the way.

This week I am beginning my foray into Data Science and the Tech Industry.

When I graduated from Indiana University’s Media School, I was unsure of how my career would progress. I spent my senior year of college interviewing relentlessly and eventually found myself an intern at a…

Last summer, I became injured for the first time in my life. During an intense USTA League Tennis Match I stretched for a backhand and suffered a sprain in my ankle. My opponent has a video of the incident, and he told me he would never watch it again.

I was in a boot for a couple of weeks, severely immobilized for the first time in my life. I’ve been playing sports for two-decades and never suffered more than a mild sprain. After extensive physical rehabilitation from specialized sports doctors, I was able to get on the spin bike in…

Corey Gary

New Yorker 🗽Berkshire Alum 🐻 Indiana University Alum 🔴⚪️ Tech 💻 Data Analyst & Digital Marketer

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